Pantry Organization

When we first bought our home, I really wanted a pantry but the home did not come with one. I love to have a supply of staple foods on hand at all times such as different types of rice, beans, sugar, flour, grains and the different foods we eat on a regular basis so I am not required to run to the grocery store every time I want to cook or bake.

When we first moved in, we converted a large deep cabinet into a pantry in our garage. Because the shelves were so deep in the cabinet, the items would eventually pile up and go to waste. One day we had one of those ah-ha moments! However, our house did have a coat closet in the hallway so we added some shelves and it became 3/4’s pantry and 1/4 coat closet. I was very happy with it in the beginning but over time it became messy and disorganized because it was serving two purposes. Here are a few pics of it and how messy it became where you can also see the hung up coats!


Tori and I decided it was time to do something about it! First things first, we had to get rid of the outdated orange paint. We took out all the food, coats and shelves and we painted the walls grey. You can see the first time I was lazy and left the shelves in when I painted but not this time! 

We did this project in one day so please forgive me that I didn’t take pictures all along the way. The time restraint became a bit overwhelming and my entire house WAS this project! My counters were completely covered with food. We bought new bins and storage containers to put all the food in. We were also cutting, sanding, and painting new shelves to add to the existing shelves to create a more organized space. Here is the only pic I have of the mess.

The Storm before the Calm 

Are you ready to see the completed project? Well, almost completed…I still want to find some more glass jars to match some that I already have so everything will be uniform but that will happen in time. Here we go!

Organization Items

Below are the jars I like the most so I will be switching out all the ones that don’t match.

On the right in the next picture are all those Rubbermaid Cereal Keepers that were on my table. I love these things because they keep your food fresh for a long time and I found a 3 pack for $8.98 at Sam’s Club. You can also find a 4 pack on Amazon prime for $23.99 (link at bottom of page).

We also purchased cute baskets for easy to grab items like popcorn and Top Ramen so they could be easily spotted.

We added LED fairy lights on each of the shelves. I love it these fairy lights because they add just enough light to see in each shelf and they make the pantry pretty.

I love mason jars for storing things that you don’t need in large quantities like chia seeds, flax seeds, semolina, coconut, and all those things I use in recipes that will store well in glass jars.

I am very happy with the finished product!

Finished Product

So there you have it, all in a day with Tori!

Tori & Michele







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