How To Easily Age Metal

Aged Metal…

Old milk cans with a ding here and there…

Galvanized buckets that someone in your family used years ago and it has now oxidized after being exposed to elements…

Rusty keys found in your grandmother’s old cedar chest…

These items are not only family heirlooms but they seem to give a feeling of a much simpler time.

There is such a “kick your shoes off and relax” kind of feeling in a home that has been tastefully decorated with touches of the past. I think that is why I love distressed furniture and rustic decor. I would love to have all of my decorative touches be truly vintage with a family story to tell for everything I own. However, this desire is not realistic.

Farm style decor has become very popular over the last few years and consequently, aged metal has also become very sought after for decorating.

In this post, I will show you how to easily turn inexpensive shiny new jingle bells into aged jingle bells using household ingredients. You probably already have some of these ingredients we have listed below. Likewise, you can easily age most metal objects using the process I am going to show you.

Supply List:

White Vinegar
2 Glass Jars or Plastic Containers


Step 1:

First, I put the jingle bells in a quart size wide mouth mason jar and poured the white vinegar over the bells till they were covered. Then, I let the vinegar do its work for a couple of hours. The purpose of the vinegar is to break down any protective coating on the metal.


Jingle bells soaking in vinegar

Step 2:

Several hours later, I put the bells in another mason jar and sprinkled the bells with approximately 2 teaspoons of salt. Immediately after, I poured peroxide in the jar to cover the bells. As a result, the salt caused corrosion and the peroxide led to oxidation.

Jingle bells soaking in salt and peroxide

Step 3:

Next was the hardest part, waiting! I let the bells sit overnight. In the picture below, you can see the nice rusty look on the top bell as a result of it being allowed to air dry.

Rusted Bell

Step 4:

Finally, I took the bells out of the peroxide and salt mixture, then dried them off and let them air dry. After they dried completely, I was very pleased with the outcome.

Aged jingle bells

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