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DIY Spring Carrot Makeover

Today’s post is about our DIY Dollar Store spring carrot makeover.

We run a very small bookstore/coffee shop at our church on a volunteer basis. We love to add small vignette’s to decorate for different holidays and seasons.

Because we work on a volunteer basis, we try to keep our cost to a minimum. That being said, the Dollar Store is always a great place to find items that can be elevated or made over.

So we set off to the store to find something that we could use in a vignette or prop on a bookshelf for spring. This carrot form caught our eye so we decided to make it over.

Dollar Store Carrot

Now we needed to find a way to it over….ah ha!!! How about these coco plant liners? Perfect to cover the carrot.


We couldn’t decide on the leaf portion right away.

We knew wanted to go for a more “natural” look.

At first, we considered green moss for the carrot top. In the end, we decided it would be too messy for the bookstore because we are always moving things around to re-merchandise. We ended up finding a patch of fake greenery to use for the carrot top that wouldn’t shed.


We purchased supplies to make two of these carrots for only $4.



Supply List

(2) Tinsel covered carrot forms

(1) Coco planter liner

(1) Patch of Greenery


Hot glue gun

Hot glue sticks

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