$10 Kids Easter Baskets — Dollar Store

Easter is a day to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and all that it means. It has also become a very fun time for kids. Dying Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts and of course opening Easter baskets.

Mom, Tori and I, headed off to the Dollar Store on an Easter Basket Goodie Hunt! To find some fun goodies to make Easter baskets for my nephew Andrew and my niece Madison.
We found lots of fun items which I knew the kids would love. Here are a few items we found:
(For my 4-year-old niece)

  • (2) Paw Patrol Mini Figures Paw
  • Patrol Lollipop
  • Minnie Mouse Compressed Wash Cloth
  • Create your Own Minnie Mouse Poster
  • Squishy Orange

(For my 10-year-old nephew)

  • Foam Missile Football
  • Construction Block Kit/Lego Car Kit
  • Avenger’s Puzzle
  • Captain America Compressed Towel
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • M&M’s
  • Trolli

Each basket cost a total of $10 to make (including the baskets, grass, ribbon and met net basket wrap. )
It made me very happy to watch my nephew throwing his new football back and forth with my husband Brandon. It was also such a joy watching my niece exclaim with excitement. With each new toy, she pulled out she would show it off and describe it in an excited high pitched voice.
When they finished opening the baskets the fun did not end. My nephew began playing with the Easter grass and we all joined in. The opened Easter baskets turned into an Easter grass party.

Watch the video below to see the basket build and the most fun part, my niece and nephew opening them.

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