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Painted Wood Easter Decoration – “Oh, for Peeps Sake!”

Today, we are going to share a painted wood Easter decoration with the darling saying “Oh, for Peep’s sake!”.

We made this sign with scraps of 2×4 studs we had left over and some supplies we already had on hand from previous crafts.

Click play on our YouTube video below to watch us create these cute blocks.

Supply List:


  1. Stain your pre-cut and sanded 3 1/2 inch blocks with acrylic paint. Thin the paint by dipping your brush in water after each dip into the paint, to create a stain effect. We darkened our brown paint by blending a very small dab of black acrylic paint with the brown. Be careful, a little black paint goes a very long way.
  2. Air dry for 1-2 hours or you can use a blow dryer to completely dry your blocks quickly.
  3. Cut out the printed 3″ bunny outline, right along the line to create a stencil to trace.
  4. Using the bunny stencil, trace the bunny shape onto the 4″ square of adhesive contact paper.
  5. Cut out the bunny shape on the contact paper.
  6. Remove the protective backing and adhere the bunny sticker to the center of one of the painted blocks.
  7. Paint the entire block white, using the white acrylic paint (not thinned with water), painting carefully over the bunny sticker also.
  8. Use a clean paper towel to gently rub some of the white paint off the block to create a worn, distressed effect.
  9. When the white block is dry, remove the contact paper bunny sticker to reveal the stained bunny silhouette.
  10. Hand paint the words “Oh, for Peep’s sake!” on the second stained brown block using the small fine point paint brush.
  11. Allow the second block to dry and then your project is complete!

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