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DIY Cement Table Top

Today’s post is about our DIY cement table top project.

In a previous post, we revealed our kitchen table transformation of a table we got free off of craigslist. This is the transformation of our very, VERY old kitchen table.

Our VERY old yet sturdy kitchen table – BEFORE

There is not enough room inside our house to use the old table. Our grown kids liked the table because all eight of us fit around it. The table is very ugly but it is also very sturdy. We decided it would be a fun project to transform it into an outdoor table.

The table is made of wood and I knew just one winter would destroy the table as it was.

At first, we considered covering the top with sheet metal. The table is oval and we don’t have the experience or tools to bend and cut the sheet metal.

Plan B:

First, we secured all the table leaves to ensure that the table would not shift after we cemented it.

We decided to try our very first cement tabletop project. This is definitely not meant to be a tutorial because we have never done this before. This is a stunning misadventure in the making.

Prepping the Table:

We turned the table upside down and screwed scrap 2×4 boards across each leaf to make them permanent. You can see this process in our video.

Next, we used 3-inch zinc metal flashing to create a decorative edge that would also become the cement form. We decided to use rustic looking carpet tacks every 2″ to secure the flashing around the sides of the table. We allowed the flashing to stick up above the table approx. 1.5″.

Then, we filled all the cracks and seams with silicone caulking so the cement would not leak out.


Prepping the table for cement

Cement Time:

Next, we mixed: 1 bag of quikrete 5000, fine sand, 1-2 cups of portland cement and water. The goal is to get it to a toothpaste consistency, ours got a little watery at the end.

Cementing our table top

We spread the cement in the form and smoothed it with a cement trowel.

Next, we used an orbit sander on the underneath of the table to remove any air bubbles.

Waiting, Waiting…

Last, we covered it with plastic overnight to dry.

letting our cement table dry and set

I did decide to dry brush the legs of the table with white chalk paint. I didn’t like the legs broken and I wanted a rustic farm style look.


Our transformed patio table

We purchased a set of new chairs a Walla!!! A new patio table set!! I love the rough cement top and zinc edges! I am happy I listened to my kids.

Press the play button on the youtube video below to see the project completed in action!

Log Cabin by Silent Partner
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…
Music provided by FreeMusic109

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