DIY Desk Decor

Today’s post is about my DIY desk decor.

Doesn’t it feel good to get your own personal desk at your workplace?

I started my first post-graduate job back in June. When I first got hired, I thought I was going to be sharing a desk with my colleagues since I work at home, in my community and at the office. On my first day, I was surprised with my very own desk! 

I got so excited so I went to Target and Michael’s after I got off of work on my first day to start looking for inspiration. The first item I found was an open terrarium at Target. Michele helped me put rocks, dirt and succulent plants in it. I love succulents because they require very little water. 

Succulent Open Terrarium

The next item that I found was a plain wooden arrow from Michael’s. I decided to put the quote, “Never Stop Learning” on the arrow using white primer paint and rose gold spray paint also bought from Michael’s. 

Arrow Sign Before Picture
Arrow Sign After Picture

The last DIY I worked on with Michele was this ombre style mason jar. I bought this specific mason jar because I thought it went well with the geometric style of the open terrarium. 

Ombre Mason Jar

The last two items that you can find in the main picture of my desk are a desk mouse pad and wireless mouse.

We filmed a video of Michele and I creating these DIY’s if you are interested in watching.

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