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DIY Tin Can & Wood – Bee Decoration

Today’s post is about a bee I created out of a few tin Dr Pepper cans and some scrap wood.

tin can & wood bee

Forth of July was over and my mantel was all decked out in red, white and blue. I needed to change my mantle decor but Fall was still a little ways off.


I wanted something that is still summery, yet would lead into the fall theme.

My first thought was sunflowers of course, but I didn’t really like the idea of sunflowers being the main theme.

I have a little sign that I purchased at Hobby Lobby that simply says “be kind” and then came the “Ah Ha!!! Moment”. Bee’s pair beautifully with Sunflowers and they could steal the show. So I decided to center my mantle theme around bees.

Be Kind

I have a “more than slight” obsession with all things galvanized!

I already own a large galvanized flower. The flower and the “be kind” sign just needed a “Bee” to bee complete. (pun intended)

Galvanized flower

I searched on the internet but couldn’t find a bee I liked. So I decided I would make one.

First, I sketched out how I would like the bee to look. Then, I went searching for materials I already had on hand that I could use.

Again, my obsession with metal came into play. I decided I would cut open some tin cans and try to use them as the wings of the bee.

It worked perfectly!!

Next, I sketched the bee body on a piece of scrap wood I had in my shop and cut it out within a jigsaw.

Then, I used acrylic paint to color in the bees body.

After that, I found some metal utility wire. I wrapped the wire around a long drill bit in a spiral shape to use as the bee antennas. Then I glued them into two small holes I drilled into the bees head. Last of all, I hot glued a small piece of looped twine to hang the bee with.

Walla!!! I had a cute bee to hang next to my flower.

If you would like to see me make the bee, click the link below.

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