About Us

Hello, we are so happy you stopped by our little corner of the internet.

Welcome to Stunning Misadventures!

My name is Michele and my daughters are Tori and Sarah. Together, we are “Stunning Misadventures“.

We created this blog after much prompting from friends and family members who have seen us work together and thought we should share our passion for DIY.

This blog is a lifestyle blog about our experiences of just getting in there and trying to DIY! We love cooking, crafting, furniture restoration, painting, decorating, organization, some building, and landscaping. Every project is an adventure for us, many of our projects you will see here will be our first time trying attempting them! There is a wise old saying that states, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” This saying describes our motivation well. We love the gratification that comes from taking something old, that someone else thought to be useless or unusable and transform it to give it new life. This could include remodeling a piece, re-purposing it or completely deconstructing it and reusing the materials to create a completely different project. We also have a thing for power tools, just sayin’!

I have always loved arts and crafts, painting and creating things with items I had around me or that I found, even as a little girl. Tori has inherited that gift of DIY and then sweet Sarah married our son Brandon and joined the Stunning DIY team. We all bring a completely different perspective on a project. Tori is the puzzle girl, she can tear a room, a chair, or even a cabinet apart and put it back together no problem. I usually do all the measuring and power saw cuts. I am also the one with a steady hand so I usually do all the hand painting. Sarah is our social media guru and videographer, she will also grab a hammer, nail gun or whatever else is needed to help anywhere she can between videos. Tori and I have faithfully gotten together at least one day a week to work on some sort of project since she got married and moved out in August of 2015. Sarah joined in on the fun in December of 2018 and she really is the one responsible for pushing us into taking Stunning Misadventures seriously.

If there is one thing we would like you, the reader to take away from our blog, it would be to get past your fears and “just try”. We mess things up but we look at a mishap as a bend in the road instead of a roadblock. When something doesn’t work, we don’t give up we just improvise! Most of the time we end up loving the piece more because of the character and story that came from our mistake. If we can do it, so can YOU! You only fail when you stop trying.

Just remember you can always turn a “Misadventure” into something “Stunning”.

(Written by Michele)

Michele, Tori & Sarah